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Get it from China

You have a great plan to create extra income with a product you can get cheaply in China. But how do you bring it here? And without the hassle and the waste of money, time, and energy?

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Make it in China

Many products, parts, or semi-manufactured products are still very cheap in China. But which ones? How do you select the supplier? How do you limit risks and organize logistics? And how do you find the essential guanxi?

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Develop it in China

You have a great plan to make some extra money with a product you can get cheaply in China. But how do you bring it here? And without the hassle and the waste of money, time, and energy?

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Why China Trade & Projects?

We are a group of almost 20 China experts who’s goal it is to make you successful in China. Some of our main characteristics are:

  • Over 25 years in China
  • Four offices in three of the most important economic regions
  • Broad guanxi and experience (business, education, government, non-profit, etc.)
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language and culture
  • Chinese senior employees with experience and network that counts
  • High in integrity, great in quality, and tailor-made

Contact us to discover what we can do for you. Or read more about us on this website first.


  • M. Klopper 2

    “In supporting a portfolio of projects and programs, they could both see the big picture and work the details.”

  • M. Klopper 1

    “China Trade & Projects has innovative leadership.”

  • M.J. Heida 14

    “They have a lot of knowledge of the Chinese market. Therefore sourcing is quick and effective.”

  • M. van Roon 12

    “Prices that China Trade & Projects offers are far below Dutch prices.”

  • M. van Roon 11

    “Communication with China Trade & Projects is quick and efficient.”

  • M. van Roon 10

    “China Trade and Projects invests a lot of energy in the process to guarantee quality.”

  • M. Klopper 8

    “Feitsma showed great inter-cultural intelligence in managing a team of expatriates from a multitude of nations and Chinese colleagues.”

  • M. Klopper 6

    “China Trade & Projects is tenacious in driving towards success.”

  • M. Klopper 5

    “I highly commend China Trade & Projects to you.”

  • M.J. Heida 16

    “Do you need a new product? China Trade & Projects finds it quickly for you!”

  • M.J. Heida 15

    “Thanks to China Trade & Projects China has become a good neighbour!”

  • M.J. Heida 13

    “China Trade & Projects sourced a supplier for that is both cheaper and better in quality.”

  • J. Nelson 18

    “Their ability to understand China and find things that work is great.”

  • J. Nelson 17

    “Their support for what I was doing and cooperation helped me succeed in this path.”

  • A. van der Laak 9

    “They helped us pioneer and develop a Leadership training for the Chinese Church. It was rated to be among the top 10 by other organizations.”

  • A. Van der Laak 8

    “All their employees are fluent in Chinese, are well connected and have a lot of insight in the culture.”

  • A. Van der Laak 6

    “China Trade & Projects can help many western organizations in avoiding mistakes and become successful in doing business with China.”

  • M. Klopper 7

    “China Trade & Projects specialists have competency in management of people and resources.”