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Buying (audio): cheaper and better

Buying audio: cheaper and betterMr. M.J. Heida is supplier of wireless interpretation systems.

At the end of 2010 mr. Heida approaches us with his China idea. He already found a Chinese supplier for wireless systems with

That was the moment for China Trade & Projects. Within a month we proposed a supplier that was both cheaper but better in quality. Therefor first order followed soon. Now China Trade & Projects takes care of Heida’s buying up to delivery in his own hallway. With product warranty.

This gives Heida ample time to enthusiastically develop plans for new products!

On the testimonial page you can read how mr. Heida thinks about China Trade & Projects.

Testimonial Mr. M.J. Heida:

China Trade & Projects sourced a supplier for that is both cheaper and better in quality. Feitsma has a lot of knowledge of the Chinese market. Therefore sourcing is quick and effective. Thanks to China Trade & Projects China has become a good neighbour! Do you need a new product? China Trade & Projects finds it quickly for you!


China Trade & Projects has innovative leadership. They are tenacious in driving towards success, They see both the big picture and work the details.

M. Klopper
Director - Leadership Development International Training (LdiT)