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LED lighting: warranty and quality

Among the fast growing number of Chinese LED suppliers, it is impossible to find integrity and quality without company visits. Most Chinese suppliers appear to be trading companies only, and are hard to distinguish from real manufacturers.

China Trade & Projects QC personnel are checking suppliers and shipments daily. It allows us to select the best business partners and offer excellent warranty conditions. Our LED specialists keep up with the rapid changes in LED technology. We select manufacturers with modern testlaboratories and international certificates like CE, TÜV, RoHS and ISO-9001.

We supply LED lighthing for horticulture (cyclic lighting), office and workspace.

*  LED horticulture: replacement of luminescent bulbs: save energy and upgrade lightspectrum at the same time: 9 to 22W with optimum colors for each plant recipe.

* LED TL lighting: 1,2m, 1,5m and panels. Over 100 lumen/Watt and up to 5 years warranty.

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China Trade & Projects invests a lot of energy in the process to guarantee quality. Communication is quick and efficient.

M. van Roon
Buyer - Van der Ende Groep