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Parts: cheaper manufacturing

The Van der Ende Group is supplier of pumps, engines and other products for horticulture and industry. The company has been able to preserve a steady growth over the past few years. For their large collection of products, they need many parts that require labour intensive manufacturing. Regrettably, parts that are still in development and undergo improvement in design, are not suitable for distant production.

Mr. M. van Roon, buyer for the Van der Ende Group, therefore asked China Trade & Projects for a price offer for parts that do not undergo much change anymore. For these parts a longer delivery time and a larger stock is not disadvantageous. In response, China Trade & Projects was able to present some very attractive prices.

The parts for Van der Ende Group include galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastics.

China Trade has been supporting the Van der Ende Group for 8 years now.

How does mr. Van Roon describe his experience with China Trade & Projects? You can read it here below.

Testimonial Mr. M. van Roon

China Trade & Projects invests a lot of energy in the process to guarantee quality. Communication with China Trade & Projects is quick and efficient. Prices that China Trade & Projects offers are far below Dutch prices.


China Trade & Projects can help many western organizations in avoiding mistakes and become successful in doing business in China. All their employees are fluent in Chinese, are well connected and have a lot of insight in the culture.

A. van der Laak
Consultant - China Impact