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Projects: expert management

ProjectenWorking as the North China Representative of the Jian Hua Foundation Ltd., Feitsma has brought many projects to success with great expertise and creativity. Some of the challenges included cooperation with several government departments, visionary motivate and lead a team of employees from different cultural backgrounds, creative fundraising and maximize the impact of limited budgets.


The projects, that summed up to several million euro’s, included:

  • micro-credits
  • health care
  • education
  • emergency relief

Teamwork was essential for the implementation of these projects. Without the help of expatriate specialists and a network of passionate Chinese employees, success is impossible. That still applies to all that China Trade & Projects undertakes.

How do former collegues of Feitsma think about him? Please read the testimonials of mr. M. Klopper and mr. J. Nelson.

Testimonial mr.  M. Klopper – director –  Leadership Development International Training (LdiT)

Feitsma is an innovative leader. He is friendly and well liked by people he works with. It was a pleasure to work with Arend who has boundless enthusiasm, is tenacious in driving towards success, and has an entrepreneurial approach in all he does. Feitsma has competency in management of people and resources. He showed great inter-cultural intelligence in managing a team of expatriates from a multitude of nations and Chinese colleagues. Feitsma supported a portfolio of projects and programs we ran out of our North China office. He could both see the big picture and work the details. I count it a privilege to call Arend my good friend. I highly recommend Feitsma to you. He will be an asset to any team.

Testimonial mr. J. Nelson – Jian Hua Foundation Ltd.

Feitsma is great to work with. His support for what I was doing and cooperation helped me succeed in this path. Feitsma’s ability to understand China and find things that work is great.


Their ability to understand China and find things that work is great.

J. Nelson
Jian Hua Foundation Ltd.