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Training: top 10-programme

China ImpactIn 2003 mr. A. van der Laak of China Impact approaches Feitsma. In the years that follow, Feitsma works with China Impact on the development and implementation of an interactive training programme for managers and leaders in the Chinese Church.

The basic objective of the programme is to impact trainers and leaders who in turn pass on the training to people in their own sphere of influence.

Many trainers and organizations work in this specific field in China, but specialists put the programme of China Impact in the top 10.

Testimonies of participants, their family and friends are impressive. The lifes of the participants change and the content, values and method of the training are passed on to others.

How does mr. Van der Laak evaluate the cooperation with China Trade & Projects? Please read:

Testimonial mr. A. van der Laak

Feitsma has pioneered with me a Leadership training developed for the Chinese Church. It was rated to be among the top 10 by other organizations. Feitsma is fluent in Chinese , is well connected and has a lot of insight in the culture. Feitsma can help many western organizations in avoiding mistakes and become successful in doing business with China. Feitsma’s personality is easy going, he is trustworthy and loyal.


Their ability to understand China and find things that work is great.

J. Nelson
Jian Hua Foundation Ltd.