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Get it from China

Laten halen uit China

You have a plan. You are going to sell a product bought cheaply in China. The Internet search-engines have given you a fair impression of the options, but how can you be sure you will find the best supplier? You are excited about the chances of your China plan, but […]


Make it in China

Everybody knows that many products, parts, and semi-manufactured products can be produced cheaply in China. Many companies could still save thousands of euros this way. But how do you find trustworthy Chinese guanxi? The question is, does the advantage of China production weigh up against the costs of the search, […]


Develop it in China

Do it in China

The key to success is who you are working with in China. We understand what is needed for your business to succeed in China: we focus on finding trustworthy people who can lead. They take responsibility and are capable to achieve your expectations. They build an effective team. A top […]