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Develop it in China

Do it in China

The key to success is who you are working with in China.

We understand what is needed for your business to succeed in China: we focus on finding trustworthy people who can lead. They take responsibility and are capable to achieve your expectations. They build an effective team. A top leader in your enterprise, one who knows how to implement your processes to achieve high quality and on-time delivery, can change your whole company. They understand you and know why to follow you. Also, there are more and more young Chinese workers who want to learn the Western quality and productivity standard with the help of those who know how to implement the standards. A good team with high quality standards can be built with these people. We have done it ourselves and now specialize in recruiting and placing these kinds of people.

There is no reason for you to sacrifice on quality or productivity in China. The right people can be found. The right workers exist in China. It just takes more work and understanding to find them.

As an efficient recruiter, we would in most cases present 3 top-candidates to you. After you have selected the right person, we can also help you set up office or carry your new employee as an agency.

For this branch of our work we created a separate website: For more information, please contact China Trade & Projects directly.


Example A:

In the Summer of 2013 we recruited a sales manager for Agribio Group China. Jim Koop, Commercial Manager for China, was very content with the high quality candidates that we presented to Agribio. Jim: “Our new sales manager Sam Liu is a real star and as a person fits well in our team and organization. SHI Group delivered what they promised. Their employees are professional and capable. I recommend other companies to work with SHI Group for recruitment.”


Example B:

Anthon van der Laak, Consultant for China Impact says: “China Trade & Projects has pioneered with me a Leadership training developed for the Chinese Church. It was rated to be among the top ten by other organizations. All employees are fluent in Chinese, well connected, and have a lot of insight in the culture. They can help many western organizations avoid mistakes and become successful in doing business with China.” You will read more under cases: ‘Training: top-10 programme’ or on my Linkedin page.


Example C:

Martin Klopper, present director of Leadership Development International Training (LdiT), former Country Director of Jian Hua Foundation Ltd. and collegue of Feitsma says: “China Trade & Projects has innovative leadership that supported a portfolio of projects and programs we ran out of our North China office. They could both see the big picture and work the details with competency in management of people and resources. It was a pleasure to work with people who have boundless enthusiasm and are tenacious in driving towards success. They showed great inter-cultural intelligence in managing a team of expatriates from a multitude of nations and Chinese colleagues. I highly commend China Trade & Projects to you.” Read more about our projects for Jian Hua Foundation under cases: ‘Projects: expert management’ or my Linkedin page.


China Trade & Projects can help many western organizations in avoiding mistakes and become successful in doing business in China. All their employees are fluent in Chinese, are well connected and have a lot of insight in the culture.

A. van der Laak
Consultant - China Impact